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After nearly two years of developed countries discussing different options for rule changes for this sector, and not getting much farther than more clearly articulating the options that suit each country best, G77 and China said enough is enough and drew a line in the sand:

  • Negotiations on this must be done by Barcelona (the next session in November);
  • All accounting should be mandatory;
  • All developed countries should use the same simple rules to account for forest; management: compare emissions in the commitment period with emissions in 1990;
  • Put a cap on credits from the entire sector (cropland management, grazing land management, revegetation, forest management, afforestation, reforestation, deforestation);

Developing countries sent the signal that they are through listening to specific proposals for adjustments to meet the circumstances of each country so they can generate credits from this sector, and I think it's the perfect time for this message.

Many thanks to Chris Henschel for this first information from Bangkok...


Extpub | by Dr. Radut