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Multi-million investment in research with the aim to reduce electricity consumption for the SCA and other forestry companies

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February 27, 2011
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Timber Community
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The research is about getting an energy-efficient manufacture of mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulp. - The goal is to reduce electrical energy consumption in pulp production by 50 percent. Therefore, the research project have a major importance to our competitiveness, "says Örjan Pettersson at SCA, in a pressrelease. Mid Sweden University is investing 12 million in the project. 36 million additional comes from the forestry companies, SCA, Stora Enso and Holmen and machine manufacturers, Metso and Andritz. 

Mid Sweden University Research FSCN is researching energy-efficient manufacture of mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulp. Mid Sweden University, receiving 36 million by the Knowledge Foundation (KK stiftelsen), and the industry contributes with a value equal to the Foundation's funding. In addition, the university is investing 12 million.   

- The strong support from the three major players in the field of mechanical pulp production in Sweden and the world's two dominant equipment manufacturers gather thus the bulk of all relevant major national industries in the area, "said Goran Bengtsson, Director of Group Research Program at Stora Enso, and continues: - We have high expectations for the success of this unique collaboration and we must learn new skills which we can directly make use of in manufacturing. 

  Mid Sweden University will now systematically building up the research profile of the first six years. The foundation says in its assessment that the existing research today is internationally recognized both scientifically and in terms of business benefit. - This is an important investment for the Mid Sweden University. But above all it is important for Sweden by gathering the country's excellence in profile here, "says Anders Söderholm, principal at the Mid Sweden.....

 The KK-foundation finances research at Sweden's new universities and colleges,  in collaboration with industry. The foundation has since 1994 invested about 7.4 billion Swedish Crowns in over 2100 different projects. This is the fifth time that the Knowledge Foundation allocates funds to research profiles.


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