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Open discussion on sustainable forestry in a developing nation

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2011, November 22
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Rainforest Realities
Ian L.
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In past posts I’ve referenced the concept of “seeing is believing” – it’s nearly impossible to understand the extent of a company’s sustainability efforts until you see it first hand, well the same holds true for a government.

Last week I attended an event in New York City hosted by the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (AICC); the topic was Indonesia’s sustainable forest management practices. During this two hour session, both US and Indonesian government officials showcased the strides Indonesia has taken, and the steps they will take to preserve their forests.

Dr. Boen Purnama, Senior Adviser to the Minister of Forestry, talked about how stopping deforestation is directly linked to addressing poverty in Indonesia. He also talked about the steps the Government is taking to implement sustainable forest management, in partnership with public and private entities.


It wasn’t simply the slides, maps, photos or even the breakfast that caught my attention most, it was the passion that the Government officials from both countries share when talking about the biodiversity of the rainforest. It’s clear that the rainforest is a very precious place, one that needs to be protected. When managed sustainability, plantation forests developed on otherwise degraded land are capable of both creating an economy via timber, and protecting that natural rainforests that remain in their pure state.

“Managing a forest” is a complex issue, and a responsibility that needs to be shared by multiple parties including Government, NGOs and Industry. It’s when we ALL listen and work together that the forest most benefits.


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