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We invite comments from all countries and stakeholder groups on the draft partnership document within 14 days, by May 12th at noon Central European Time. Please submit your comments to ocfc2010@md.dep.no.

All comments will be published on our website unless you explicitly request anonymity. After the public comment period, the core group (still open for any country to join) will reconvene and agree on a final text to be sent out for voluntary endorsement by countries.
The drafting process so far: This draft document is the result of drafting process by a “core group of facilitating countries” going on over the last weeks. The core group is responsible for driving the process forward towards the Oslo conference. This group was open to participation by any country, and 30 countries have chosen to join the group to date.

It should be noted that the current draft is not a consensus document from the core group. Rather, it reflects the middle ground and areas of broad convergence amongst the core group on the objectives, contributions, principles, and organization of the Partnership. We now share this document with all countries (including those who chose not to participate in the detailed deliberations of the core group) and stakeholder groups, in order to solicit and address comments before the final document is prepared for endorsement.

English: Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I
Francais: FR Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I
Español: ES Draft Interim REDD+ Partnership Document I

 Source: Oslo Climate and Forest Conference, 27th May 2010

In response due to theses documents, the UN-REDD Programme and the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and Forest Investment Program (FIP) have released a joint statement:

Organizers of the upcoming Interim REDD+ Partnership meeting in Oslo recently distributed a draft partnership document, which proposes that the UN-REDD Programme and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) could assume the Secretariat duties of the proposed REDD+ interim arrangement. Below is the official joint response to this proposal from the UN-REDD Programme and the World Bank facilitating FCPF and FIP.

Response to Interim REDD+ Partnership Document

May 12 2010

UN-REDD, a collaborative of three UN agencies (FAO, UNDP and UNEP), and the World Bank, which facilitates the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and partners with other Multilateral Development Banks in managing the Forest Investment Program (FIP), recognize the important contribution that could be made by an interim REDD+ partnership pending agreement within the UNFCCC on a future REDD+ mechanism. Accordingly, we appreciate receiving the partnership proposal and the invitation to participate in the upcoming meeting in Oslo.

We are pleased to advise you that, since COP 15 in Copenhagen, the FCPF Facility Management Team, the UN-REDD Secretariat and the CIF Administrative Unit are working together to respond to calls by their respective governance bodies to explore options for enhancing cooperation and coordination. This includes an effort by the FCPF Facility Management Team and the UN-REDD Secretariat to develop a joint delivery platform for REDD+ readiness, which would encompass an agreed set of operating principles and common standards, including a shared readiness template.

Recognizing that the governance bodies of these three initiatives have already called for a review and analysis of how best to coordinate their operations and to promote collaboration and on-the-ground synergies, we are confident that they will fully support all efforts to achieve the objectives of the proposed partnership to scale up REDD+ actions and finance and to improve the effectiveness, transparency and coordination of existing REDD+ initiatives.

If so requested by the partnership, the UN-REDD Programme and the FCPF secretariats are ready to provide the services envisaged in the partnership document in an effective and efficient manner.

We remain fully committed to a comprehensive, coordinated approach to the provision of REDD+ services so as to address country needs in a timely and collaborative manner at a scale required to address the enormous challenges presented by climate change.


Oslo Climate and Forest Conference


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