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Planting season in forestry plantations

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December 3, 2009
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Timber Investment Blog
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The rainy season in Brazil is from December to July and is universally recognised by the forestry operators in situ as the optimum time for planting out the seedlings destined for the forestry plantations.  Beyond this period, the weather becomes very dry and extremely hot, with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees to as much as 45 degrees in the shade, which makes the working environment particularly arduous and even more important, the conditions for the seedlings’ survival very difficult.

Suzano Papel and Celulose, one of the largest forestry investors in the region has deployed a solution following a particularly wet winter last year, where two months of the “planting window” were lost due to the exceptionally high rain fall levels (their required levels of planting had not been achieved which therefore forced  the creation of a solution).  Suzano trained and developed a system of “night planting” having already lost two months planting.  The night planting naturally required excellent lighting and a more ergonomic,  adaptable system for the workforce.

Another vital factor was the use a special hydrogel  for the seedlings,  in order to keep the soil conditions moist for a longer period. The  results have been reported to be promising, making night planting a serious option when the conditions dictate.  The company has also kept jobs in the region as a consequence.  Necessity is the mother of invention,  as they say.


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