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Promoting and implementing REDD+ safeguards at national level in East Africa

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November 9, 2012
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David Mwayafu and James Kisekka
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This paper reviews the state of play on safeguard regulations of a range of international institutions, the status of national policy frameworks in East Africa tosupport a safeguard implementation and insights into making safeguards work from a practitioner level in East Africa.

This analysis of the existing policy and legal framework suggests that REDD+ social and environmental safeguards are not an entirely new issue in East Africa. However, some key gaps exist, as well as weaknesses in implementation, which need to be addressed. The paper reviews the safeguards provisons of the World Bank, UNFCCC and CCB. It also reviews national legislation in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda before suggesting a way forwards for safeguard development in East Africa, including:

  • Ensuring safehguards are developed to be locally specific
  • Ensure CSOs and the communities they serve are empowered to shape safeguard development
  • MRV must also be about feeding back to the communities, not just the donors
  • Institutional development is needed to put in place the structures that will operationalise safeguards locally

This paper is available in KiSwahili here.


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