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Proposals from the Private Sector for Engagement at Scale in REDD+

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Issue date: 
January, 2011
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ForestCarbon Asia
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In response to requests by senior representatives of leading companies, this project of the World Economic Forum aims to identify opportunities for greater engagement and investment in REDD+ activities for the private sector across the value chain, including by addressing drivers of deforestation.

The project examines how to:

  • Use private sector resources and capabilities across the value chain to quickly build an effective REDD+ mechanism and implement ongoing REDD+ action at scale
  • Raise private sector finance to do so, including but not limited to carbon finance and carbon markets
  • Increase the impact of public sector fast start funding through private sector engagement During 2010, the project drew on leaders from the private and public sectors and from the NGO and expert communities to explore important considerations and make concrete proposals for private sector action at scale. This paper summarises the findings and proposals.

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Extpub | by Dr. Radut