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Public consultation launched for revised REDD+ SES version 2

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June 25, 2012
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Forest Carbon Asia
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The REDD+ Social & Environmental Standards (REDD+ SES) launched its public consultation on revised draft ‘REDD+ SES Social and Environmental Standards Version 2′ from 22nd June until 21st July 2012.

Drawing on emerging experience from countries using REDD+ SES, the standards have been revised to strengthen, streamline and simplify them to the extent possible while maintaining the quality and comprehensiveness of the REDD+ SES framework.

A draft REDD+ SES Version 2 was published on 9th February 2012 and comments were invited from members of the public on this document during a 60-day period until 9th April 2012.  A total of 273 comments were received from 14 people/organizations. A new draft REDD+ SES Version 2 has been prepared based on these comments and a response has been prepared to explain how each comment has been addressed.

This draft REDD+ SES Version 2 and the response to comments are being published on 22nd June 2012 and comments are invited during a 30-day period until 21st July 2012 to provide an opportunity for stakeholders and other members of the public to review the revised version and to raise any outstanding issues that they feel have not been adequately addressed.

Please click here to view the draft guidelines.

November 2, 2012: Guidelines have evolved: please click here to view Version 2 of guidelines.


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