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Russian State Statistics Service: Export 2009

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Feb 26, 2010
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According to the Russian State Statistics Service, in 2009 export volume of timber and pulp and paper products from Russia decreased by 15.4%, which can be explained by significant decline in supplied volume of unprocessed timber.

Export from the RF in Jan-Dec 2009 compared to  Jan-Dec 2008  

(data provided by custom statistics service, incl. data of the Republic of Belarus)


Article Jan-Dec 2008 Jan-Dec 2009 Growth rate of, %
mln USD Share of total, % mln USD Share of total, % Cost Volume Price
Timber and pulp and paper products 11560 2.5 8437 2.8 73.0 84.6 86,6
Unprocessed timber 3497 0.7 1833 0.6 52.4 58.9 89.0
Processed timber 2829 0.6 2608 0.9 92.2 102.7 89.8

Export of timber and pulp and paper products to the far abroad countries declined by 27.4% in 2009 due to decreased volume and prices on unprocessed timber and pulp. Decreased average contract prices led to decline in export of newspaper, glued plywood and processed timber despite growth of volume. 

Export to the CIS countries decreased by 25.6% due to decreased delivery volume and prices on basic products.

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