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Södra invests in production of textile pulp

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December 9, 2010
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Timber Community
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Södra invests in manufacturing of textile pulp and the production will be based on a production line at Södra Cell Mörrum currently producing pulp. - The demand of renewable wood-based textile fibers will increase by replacing the cotton fiber and oil-based synthetic fibers, said Gunilla Saltin, president of Södra Cell in a statement.

The board of Södra decided today to approve an investment in the production of dissolving the pulp mill  at Södra Cell Mörrum. This will be done by converting the mass of a line that is currently used for production of pulp.

At full operation, Södra Cell Mörrum produce 170 000 tonnes of textile pulp based on hardwood. Söfts has a strong belief in the development of  dissolving market and especially the textile fibers segment. The investment in Mörrum makes Södra dissolving production based on hardwood competitive. Södra will continue to produce paper pulp based on the birch at the unit in the mill town Mönsterås. The project will commence immediately and first production is expected by the end of 2011. During construction, the annual production will not be affected.


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