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SCA and SAPPI to join forces in pulp procurement

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May 21 2010
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Papernet SE
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May 21 2010  SCA and Sappi have announced their commitment to work together in pulp procurement in Europe.

Joining forces with Sappi, is an opportunity for SCA to broaden its pulp-supply base, as SCA is not self-sufficient when it comes to pulp. Working together with Sappi helps to reduce cost and improve competitiveness. It also supports programs in areas such as forestry and environment, working-capital management, quality, logistics and innovation, a press release from the two companies states.

”This is a significant step and a great opportunity for both SCA and Sappi to secure strategic supplies of pulp in a cost-effective, sustainable and professional way,” commented Berry Wiersum, CEO, Sappi Fine Paper Europe.

”The need for scale, size and leverage in our pulp sourcing is becoming an ever more important aspect of managing costs and contributing to the profitability and success of both the Sappi and SCA businesses,” continued Mats Berencreutz, President, SCA Tissue Europe.


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