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Timber industry is becoming more and more innovative with increasing amount of advanced technologies and machinery being involved.  Russia is to construct 5 modern breeding and seed centers using Lannen Plant Systems technology (Finland). Thus, new centers will appear in the Moscow, Voronezh, Kostroma regions, Altay area and Tatarstan.

Forest Breeding and Seed Centre is to be constructed in the Sabinsk district (Tatarstan) at the site of 7ha.

New centre is to provide high quality planting materials with improved genetic features, stable works on reforestation, allow introducing new technologies which will help to preserve gene pool of forests in the region. Centre capacity reaches 2 th. seeds of pine and spruce, total seedlings volume amounts to 3 876 000 pcs. per year.

Total investment volume makes up RUR 185 mln  (€ 4.7 mln).


Extpub | by Dr. Radut