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Timber construction techniques gain popularity

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Greenwood Management
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The popularity of certain timber construction techniques appears to be spreading, with cross-laminated timber (CLT) proving to be particularly sought-after.

CLD is produced in a factory and involves industrially-drying quick-growing timber boards, before stacking them at right angles and gluing them together. The boards are glued across their entire surface, and one product will usually use three, five or seven layers of timber.

One reason why the technique appears to be tempting more construction experts is its relative ease of use. The product – be that a door, roof or wall element – can be constructed off site at the factory and then brought in prefabricated to simply be slotted into place.

This also helps keep costs down as Rob Lambe, managing director of Willmott Dixon Re-Thinking told the Guardian: “For community buildings, CLT's attributes are that it can be used to span great distances with structural integrity, it's hard-wearing, looks good and it doesn't require additional finishing. All this keeps costs down and improves resource efficiency.”

Rises in demand can often be good news for timber investors around the world as businesses increase their orders for the raw material and prices look set to rise.


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