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World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund launch a report on AR CDM experience

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March 08, 2012
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Forest Carbon Asia
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The World Bank yesterday launched a new report by the BioCarbon Fund entitled “The BioCarbon Fund Experience: Insights from Afforestation / Reforestation Clean Development Mechanism Projects”. 

The objective of the report is to inform project developers and policy-makers of the main lessons learned by the BioCarbon Fund as it has supported over 20 A/R CDM forest projects in 16 countries since its inception in 2004. It sheds light on opportunities the CDM offers to the forestry sector but also challenges encountered by project developers when complying with the regulatory requirements. The report concludes with recommendations for policy-makers on how current rules could be made more pragmatic to better match the realities of this type of projects on the ground.

At the launch, Ms. Ellysar Baroudy, head of the BioCarbon Fund, discussed the lessons and their relevance to many aspects of general work in the land use sector, such as performance-base payments, synergies between adaptation and mitigation, land tenure issues, benefit-sharing schemes, project financing and monitoring – all relevant to linking different financial instruments to leverage funding and broadening the engagement in landscape approaches. 

Please click here to view the report.

Please click here for more information on this report and other work of the BioCarbon Fund.


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