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17.09.11 The REDD Market Should Not End Up a Subprime House of Cards: Introducing a New REDD Architecture for Environmental Integrity
17.09.11 Estimating Reference Emission Level and Project Emission Level for REDD Projects in Tropical Forests
14.09.11 The “poor man’s” carbon sink: Bamboo in climate change and poverty alleviation
14.09.11 Impact of Border Carbon Adjustment and Restrictions on Non-certified Timber on International Commerce in Wood Products
05.09.11 Sustaining forests: investing in our common future - UNEP Policy Brief
04.09.11 Just forest governance - for REDD, for sanity
04.09.11 REDD+ and Energy: a cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor
04.09.11 REDD+ and Agriculture: a cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor
04.09.11 Making REDD+ cross-sectoral: why, how and what are the potential socio-economic impacts?
30.08.11 A modest proposal for wealthy countries to reforest their land for the common good
29.08.11 Deforestation much higher in protected areas than forests run by local communities
28.08.11 Sustaining forests: investing in our common future
28.08.11 Evaluation of Social and Environmental Risks Accompanying the Procurement of Timber from Papua New Guinea
18.08.11 Effectiveness of Strict vs. Multiple Use Protected Areas in Reducing Tropical Forest Fires: A Global Analysis Using Matching Methods
18.08.11 Adaptation and mitigation work hand-in-hand in Latin American forests
18.08.11 Issue Brief: Land Tenure and REDD+: Risks to Property Rights and Opportunities for Economic Growth
18.08.11 Workshop to determine land eligibility for CDM and VCS project development in India
16.08.11 CMIA responds to REDD+ report, identifies key errors
16.08.11 Deforestation, Wood Harvesting Not Correlated
16.08.11 Buyer, Regulator, and Enabler - The Government's Role in Ecosystem Services Markets
16.08.11 The 'State of Play’ Assessment of Land Use in the International Policy Response to Climate Change
08.08.11 Timber Trade Flow Maps of China and the Mekong Region
08.08.11 BASELINE STUDY 1, CHINA: Overview of Forest Governance, Markets and Trade
08.08.11 BASELINE STUDY 2, LAO PDR: Overview of Forest Governance, Markets and Trade
04.08.11 REDD+, Governance, and Community Forestry
03.08.11 Developing a Sustainable Biomass Forest Industry: Case of the U.S. Northeast
02.08.11 Biodiversity Conservation through Sustainable Forest Management by Local Communities
02.08.11 Dovetail Partners Releases New Report on Bioenergy
01.08.11 REDD Opportunities in Uganda
01.08.11 Forest tenure in Africa and south and southeast Asia: Implications for sustainable forest management and poverty alleviation
01.08.11 Financing sustainable forest management: How to finance sustainable forest management to avoid deforestation and forest degradation
29.07.11 WWF timber scheme allows illegal logging, forest destruction and fails to prevent human rights abuses
29.07.11 EU Timber Regulation Support Study - final report
29.07.11 New Methodology for Measuring Emission Reductions from Reduced Deforestation Stands to Unlock Carbon Revenues for Poor Communities
28.07.11 ASIA: Indigenous people gain greater forest rights
28.07.11 Forest carbon rights for poor at risk – study
28.07.11 New Report: Exposing the Myths of FSC
28.07.11 The Greener Side of REDD+
28.07.11 Finding a path to REDD investment
18.07.11 Final report of the EUTR Support Study available now
18.07.11 The State of the Paper Industry 2011
18.07.11 VCS Approves New REDD Methodology to Avoid Unplanned Deforestation
17.07.11 Reforming forest tenure
17.07.11 Carbon forestry projects in the Philippines: potential and challenges: the case of the Arakan Forest Corridor forest carbon project
17.07.11 Stacking Ecosystem Services Payments: Risks and Solutions
15.07.11 Biofuels in Malaysia
15.07.11 Chopping for chips
14.07.11 Building Forest Carbon Projects: Step-by-Step Overview and Guide
14.07.11 Draft Framework for Sharing Approaches for Better Multi-stakeholder Participation Practices


by Dr. Radut