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Anhui Province Suzhou City forestry the first time five billion yuan of GDP

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August 1st, 2010
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Year of the Tiger Spring comes early in 1000 the village is busy planting trees. When the spring again blowing Suzhou earth, people were happy to find that piece of the green throughout the city, look exceptionally beautiful.

    Since last year, the city’s forestry work to the scientific development concept to guide the overall situation, fully implement the national, provincial and municipal policies on forestry development, the city’s tree cultivation steadily, the rapid development of forestry industry, energy is continually expanding. At present the city’s forestry output value to exceed 50 billion yuan mark, ranking third in the province. Volume reached 430.6 million mu of forest resources and the stumpage, amounted to 13.38 million cubic meters of forest cover 29.24 percent.

    To promote a strong forestry industry, highlighting the pivotal role. Last year, around the economic and social development throughout the city and modern agriculture comprehensive experimental zones for the construction of general ideas, concentrating on research, and actively increase the operational implementation of the forestry industry. Efforts to support the strong leading enterprises in forestry, wood processing clusters grow to poplar industry as the outstanding representative and typical features of plain forestry industry characteristics and demonstrate, in the city’s pivotal role in economic development markedly enhanced. In 2009 the city’s forestry output value of 5.387 billion yuan, up 27.9% year on year in 2008, of which 2.79 billion yuan output value of wood processing industry, an increase of 54.1%; forestry, tourism and leisure industry to reach 57 million yuan annual output value. Wood-based panels in 2009 the city produced a total of 1.37 million cubic meters, forestry industry development in the contrarian up, the city’s existing timber processing enterprises above designated size 77, furniture manufacturing enterprises 6, super-enterprises to reach 5 million yuan. At present, the city’s provincial and municipal forestry industry leading enterprises has increased to 18. Following the Huangcangyu Forest Park won the state 4A-level scenic spots, the Sixian Shilong Lake Wetland Park ranks among the national level.

    Afforestation over the task to complete, the quality continues to increase. Last year’s tree planting 15.2 million mu (8.68 million mu of artificial forest plots in rural areas all around an area of 6.52 million mu of forest tree planting conversion), the completion of returning farmland to forest replanting supplement made 1.13 million mu of forest management (including the Forest Conservation and Grain for Green Project Planning to cultivate) 4.47 million mu, all around and obligations of the 17.775 million tree-planting, seeding an area of 1.56 million mu, 280 mu in the young growth tending times, all over the completion of provinces, municipalities and assigned tasks.

    Steady green corridor extending the province won another title. Integrated with the building of new socialist countryside, “every village” project, comprehensive agricultural development projects, increase the intensity of green corridor construction. Last year’s State provincial and county roads, railways, large Gouhe green line 197.8 kilometers, forest construction 358.2 kilometers; rural roads, drains green 420 690.2 kilometers; the village green 1003, green area of 2.6 million mu, town green 02000 acres, the new and improved agroforestry 25 million mu of farmland. The Greening Committee and the Provincial Forestry Department organized acceptance evaluation, the city last year, mileage long green corridor construction, the standard of high quality, has once again been awarded first prize in the province. At this point, the city has received the award for 10 consecutive years.

    The completion of the main reform of forest ownership, development and increased vitality. Of the main reform of collective forest rights fully completed, for a total realization of the right to use forest lands, forest ownership and management rights is indeed the right of issuing 152.78 million mu, ministries and agencies, to confirm the successful completion of the task of collective forest tenure reform. Lin changed the number of participating farmers reached 175.4 thousand. Lin handled the transfer of rights 1503, an area of 3.3 million mu, transfer the amount of 18.88 million yuan. Forest right mortgage loan, forestry and other reforms in a comprehensive administrative enforcement are constantly being explored and actively push forward. The effective release of energy and forestry production, farmers involved in afforestation, forest protection, and silvicultural enthusiasm growing.

    In addition, major forest pests – fall webworm is tight to prevent the domain outside of the city, control of forest disasters with remarkable success.


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