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To create a 10 billion yuan Hezhou Forestry Industry

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August 2nd, 2010
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March 28, Hezhou Gui Sunda Plate Co., Ltd. produce 100,000 cubic meters of plywood project goes into operation. Same day, the annual output of 200,000 cubic meters particleboard project started. Hezhou leader said: “These two forestry production and processing projects started, marking the Hezhou forestry industry chain is becoming longer and longer, to build a foundation for billions of forest industry.”

Area farmers Wang Jinjun Hezhou Babu said, “Hezhou furniture mostly from Guangdong, and expensive, and build the furniture of wood, wood waste, processing or use made of mostly wood-based panel materials are home from Hezhou. “Guangdong’s furniture business Mr. Dong said:” Furniture sales are sales of wood about 4 times the profit, but the furniture industry must be established on the basis of deep processing of forestry. “Wang Jinjun have seen the phenomenon, because of deep processing forestry Hezhou” short leg “caused by the furniture industry is difficult to revive the status quo.

Hezhou forestry major city, the forest coverage rate of 70%. According to information provided by FDA Hezhou city area of 615,500 hectares of forest, living trees total storage capacity of 33.89 million cubic meters, in Guangxi four forest live stumpage over 10 million cubic meters of forestry county (district) , the city had eight-step Zone Zhaoping County and two counties (districts) listed. However, a long time, Hezhou forest industry depends mainly on timber exports, with little-known forest, a deep-processing enterprises. Role of forestry advantage, to extend the forestry industry chain, creating billions of forest industries, is the idea of Hezhou repeatedly. Recently introduced a forestry development Hezhou overall goal: By 2012, achieve 7.5 billion yuan output value of forestry, forestry output value by 2015 and strive to reach 10 billion yuan. Greek Hezhou Mayor White said: “To realize the objectives of forestry industry, 10 billion yuan this year, 25 million mu Hezhou not only planting trees but also vigorously develop the deep processing industry of forestry to wood-based panel production reached 464,000 cubic meters.”


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