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Biofuels - from CDM to NAMAs

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Nov 30, 2011
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IGES Enviro Scope
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Author: Romero, Jane|2011/11|Publisher: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies(Hayama, Japan)

Language: English|Publication Type: Working Papers|Copyright: IGES

This paper reviews the trend of biofuel development and performance of biofuel projects under CDM as well as provides insights on how biofuel projects could transition to NAMAs.

The author emphasizes that ensuring the sustainability of biofuel production and utilization is the key to overcome the difficulty of biofuels under CDM and facilitate biofuel projects and programmes in the future NAMAs. While there is no concrete guidance yet on NAMAs and MRV, lessons learned from biofuel projects under CDM can help in designing biofuel NAMAs. CDM methodologies can also be the basis on how to MRV supported or credited biofuel NAMAs.

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