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Green diesel harnesses Swedish forests

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20 Feb 2011
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The Local Sweden
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Swedish oil and energy firm Preem has announced the development of the "world's first" green diesel developed using residue from the Swedish forestry industry.

Describing the development of the product, which hits the market in April, as "unique", the firm claims that Preem Evolution diesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 16 percent due to the fact that a fifth of the raw material is tall oil.

"New thinking on green solutions lies behind the development of the Evolution diesel. The tall oil has hitherto been regarded as waste by the forest industry. Through innovative thinking and co-operation it has been developed into a renewable resource," the firm said in a statement.

The product is developed from processing a residue extracted from black liquor in pulp mills and is the result of six years of research and costing the firm more than 300 million kronor ($47 million).

The diesel is identical to fossil diesel molecularly, but is made up of 20 percent renewables, thus qualifying it for tax free status in Sweden and thus comparable in price to regular diesel.

This content also contributes to environmental benefits, the firm stated.

"It represents a larger reduction in CO2 from vehicles and transports than biogas and ethanol together," the firm said, arguing that CO2 savings will equate to the emissions from 120,000 cars in 2011 alone.

Preem will launch the new product in April and plans to introduce 100,000 tonnes of Evolution diesel on the Swedish market during 2011.


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