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Swedish Forest Society export timber to Finland

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December 18, 2010
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Timber Community
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The forest society will load 2500 cubic meters of timber from the province on a cargo ship to Finland. Forest Society (Skogssälskapet) in Sweden export pulpwood when prices are higher abroad and many countries import timber to avoid having to raise prices at home market. This weekend goes the first boat from the port of Söderhamn according to a pressrelease.

- The demand for pulpwood is great, "says Bo Rosen, Forest Society of forest manager in Port Hedland. And in district Hälsingland are many active owners who want to increase revenue from the forest. Here in the region we have many skilled sawmills that pay for timber, but the business on the pulpwood side needs better competition.

Forest Society does not own its own industry and can therefore sell timber to the highest bidder.

- The Swedish forest industry import timber to avoid having to raise prices at home, and the countries around us does the same, "says Bo Rosén. For such a marginal timber paid the extra good, and it is such transactions, we are looking for our customers.

How far from Söderhamn timber can be run for it still should be a good deal for the landowner?
- These timber prices can forest owners within approximately twelve mil from Söderhamn export timber to Finland, "says Bo Rosén.

Bo Rosén, forest managers Forest Society, tel. 46-70-359 2005 21

Forest Society currently manages approximately 500 000 hectares of forest along with large and small forest owners in Sweden and Latvia. The service offering includes forestry and services in finance and real estate issues.


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