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REDD+ Governance

Issue date: 
September 1, 2010

The Risks and Rewards of REDD+

While opinions vary about what exactly good forest governance means, participants in the Oaxaca workshop dealing with this subject agreed passionately that it is critical if REDD+ is to succeed in creating powerful new financia

International Symposium on Indicators to Assess and Monitor the Quality of Forest Governance

The World Bank, PROFOR and FAO are organizing an international symposium on indicators to assess and monitor the quality of forest governance. The symposium will take stock of progress to date in designing indicators and applying them in the field, including the use of indicators for specific purposes.

Issue date: 
Sep. 7, 2010

Strengthening rural communities and improving conservation: an interview with David Kaimowitz

In July, the Ford Foundation announced a five-year, US$85 million initiative to address climate change through the inclusion and empowerment o

Issue date: 
3 September 2010

New climate change mitigation schemes could benefit elites rather than the rural poor

Oaxaca, Mexico (3 September 2010)—With governments across Latin America preparing to implement a new financial mechanism aimed at mitigating climate change by curbing carbon emissions from the destruction of tropical forests, experts gathering here today warned against a "one-size-fits-all" a

Issue date: 
8 August 2010

The REDD Opportunities Scoping Exercise

The REDD+ Opportunities Scoping Exercise (ROSE) is a tool for classifying and prioritizing potential REDD+ sub-national activities and for assessing critical constraints to project development, especially those associated with the legal, political, and institutional framework for carbon finance.

Issue date: 
10 August, 2010

Governance Update

The UN-REDD Programme has been active over the past few months, in convening and engaging with partners from around in the world to advance ideas and common understandings of governance issues related to REDD+.

Issue date: 
30 July 2010

REDD Readiness Requires Radical Reform

Forests may be about to get a lucky break. If opportunities are seized and problems ironed out, international mechanisms to support reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and enhanced forest carbon stocks (“REDD-plus”) will give efforts to sustain forests and the livelihoods linked to them their best-ever chance of success.

But preparations for making such mechanisms work on the ground have generally been unimpressive. Initiatives are needed to get REDD-plus protagonists from different contexts to work together on common challenges.

Issue date: 
August 2, 2010

REDD Alert: Lessons from Peru's Camisea Pipeline Project

Can forest-rich countries learn from the mistakes of extractive projects and avoid unleashing their own resource curse?

Issue date: 

Ulu Masen REDD Demonstration Project

Aceh is a forest landscape where the interests of local people, extractive industries and globally important biodiversity are in conflict.

Issue date: 

REDD: does governance really matter?

With concerns over climate change rising, there have been several initiatives aimed at reducing the impacts and contributing factors of climate change. But with millions and potentially billions of dollars at stake, how successful will these initiatives be in mitigating climate change?


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