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Sustainable Forest Management

►It is a good deal more than Reduced Impact Logging (RIL)!


Austria is one of the ►most experienced countries in forest management globally. Austria has a strict forest legislation that regulates forest management according to "classical" sustained yield principles and also mandates a certain amount of its forest area for environmental protection and nature conservation purposes.

We offer our superior experience in forest management methods employed in Austria to all of our customers and can therefore help our customers to balance


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sustained yield in timber and non-timber forest products with
the needs of ecosystem services and nature conservation

We are fully committed to all ►principles of Sustainable Forest Management when applying our system of forest management methods.


What are the core components of our sustainable forest management system?


Know your Forests!

„You can't manage, what you can't measure“

Spatial inventory

  • Land tenure, land use
  • Hazard risk, torrent watersheds
  • Terrain model
Site survey .
  • Geology and soils
  • Microclimate
  • Water
Stand inventory .
  • Biodiversity, Ecosystems identification
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Forest resources: Tree species, increment,
    stock, non-timber forest products

Plan & Manage your Forests!

Spatial planning & GIS

  • Conservation areas
  • Natural hazard protection areas
  • Commercial yield areas
  • Infrastructure
Utilization planning .
  • Short term - operational
  • Medium term - production
  • Long term - environmental
Capacity building .
  • Education of management staff
  • Training of operational staff
  • Forest and rural people

Treat & Access your Forests!

Build & maintain

  • Roads and woodyards
  • Water catchments
  • Protection structures
Revegetation and
  • Natural revegetation
  • Site species matching for
    afforestation and reforestation
  • Thinning & pruning
Controlling and monitoring
of logging & transport
  • Low impact logging systems
  • Harvesting system application
  • Pre- and post costing
Conservation .
  • Support to local communities
  • Access managementl & Ecotourism
  • Wildlife control
  • Alien weed control
Watershed and natural &
hazard risk management
  • Water supply and quality check
  • Drainage control and maintenance
  • Torrent control and monitoring




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