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Issue date: 
Apr 15, 2011

Oslo REDD Exchange

Issue date: 
Feb 21, 2011

REDD dawn

Erik Solheim, Norway's Minister of the Environment and International Development, reflects on the progress made in efforts to reduce tropical deforestation…

Issue date: 
February 8, 2011

Indonesia fails to meet deadline in bilateral agreement

Issue date: 
February 5, 2011

Consolidation going on among the Nordic newspaper companies

Will there be a new joint-venture?

Issue date: 
07 February 2011

Oslo REDD exchange 2011

Issue date: 
January 13, 2011

Norske Skog sells properties

Norske Skog has entered into an agreement concerning sale of Klosterøya to a consortium consisting of Conceptor Eiendomsutvikling AS and Bratsberg Gruppen AS, and has at the same time also finalised sale of a property at Nedre Ranheim.

Issue date: 

Blunt talk on protecting forests to combat climate change

What exactly is the hold-up in terms of Norway's forestry assistance to Guyana, which Guyana's president Bharrat Jagdeo complained about last week during a panel sponsored by

Issue date: 
December 9, 2010

Climate: Speaking the Truth on Avoided Deforestation and Warming in Cancún

Issue date: 
9 December 2010

Norway Spells Out Plan to Fund Kyoto Protocol

A DECISION by the Norwegian government to negotiate post Kyoto Protocol with other countries bilaterally is aimed at sending a strong message to international community that Oslo is committed to address causes of green house gas emissions blamed for causing global warming.

Issue date: 
November 25, 2010

Electricity prices in Sweden and Norway has increased sharply over the past week

One of the major cost in forestry, pulp and basic industries are high electricity prices.


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