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Issue date: 
August 26, 2011

Study clears forestry smoke

A study commissioned by Forestry Tasmania shows that 80 per cent of emissions in Tasmania's Huon Valley is from woodheaters, not regeneration burns.

Issue date: 
24 Aug, 2011

Devil in detail of carbon farming plan

LABOR'S carbon farming initiative (CFI) has passed in the Senate but agricultural groups remain sceptical of its worth until details are made available.

Under the scheme, graziers could sell carbon credits on to businesses to offset emissions.

Issue date: 
August 26th, 2011

Finnish sawmill machinery for Australian mill

In January 2012, HewSaw will deliver a HewSaw SL250 TRIO sawing line to Bombala in New South Wales on the southeast coast of Australia. The agreement was signed on 29th April 2011. The construction work will begin in August 2011, and the project is scheduled to finish in December 2012.

Issue date: 
12 August 2011

Stop the Indonesia-Australia REDD+ project

‘Custom Keepers’ in a district of Kalimantan are calling on the Indonesian president to stop a carbon-offset project in in the customary lands of the Dayak people.

Issue date: 
11 Aug, 2011

End logging to cut carbon: study

Australia could meet almost half of its 5 per cent greenhouse reduction target by ending logging of native forests, according to a new economic study.

Issue date: 
8 August 2011

Forest certification: a small step towards sustainability

It can be hard to know whether the forest products you buy have been produced sustainably. Forestry certifications were established to give a bit more certainty, but what do they really mean? When you buy a certified product, are you necessarily helping the environment?

Issue date: 
August 06, 2011

Warning on Ta Ann practices

A MALAYSIAN parliamentarian has visited Tasmania's native forests with a warning over timber company Ta Ann's business operations in his home country.

Issue date: 
August 3, 2011

Hunting for Answers: Well-managed Production Forests Important for Biodiversity

Though a hunter’s preference for large game can put pressure on fragile forest ecosystems, new research has found that well-managed production forests can act as wildlife reservoirs- with controlled hunting in these areas enabling the promotion of biodiversity and improved community livelihoods.

Issue date: 
July 18, 2011

Carbon credit firm collapses amid tax debate

A company that specialises in forestry carbon credit projects in Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia has collapsed.

Issue date: 
July 23, 2011

Carbon cowboys

Peru's jungle city of Iquitos - first established on the myth of a land of lost gold and once a mecca for 19th century rubber barons - has long been frequented by profiteers.


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