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Issue date: 
March 17th, 2011

First commerical US biofuels plant planned this year

Recently, the banned alcoholic drink Four Loko was being recycled into car fuel, and today, it’s non-food waste from crops and wood scraps. Cellulosic ethanol is by no means a new idea, but no one has been producing it in bulk amounts.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2011

Home Continuing Resolution in the US impacts Forest Service programs

Issue date: 
Mar 7, 2011

Weyerhaeuser Top Forest Products Company on FORTUNE List

FEDERAL WAY, Wash., USA, Mar 7, 2011 — Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE: WY) today announced it was named the world’s most admired forest and paper products company according to a study published in the March 21 edition of FORTUNE magazine, currently available online and at newsstands.

Issue date: 
March 8th, 2011

2010 Delivered Pulpwood prices at historic highs in south, according to Forest2Market

Issue date: 
Mar 9, 2011

Pine Pulpwood Prices Driven by Bioenergy and OSB

Issue date: 
Mar 4, 2011

IFC and NCASI Release Enhanced Version of the Forest Industry Carbon Assessment Tool (FICAT)

Issue date: 
February 24th, 2011

U.S. lumber prices expected to spike

Issue date: 
February 24, 2011

Biomass plays part in sustainable forestry

People called them bulls of the woods -- the logging company bosses who could out-chop, out-saw, out-spit, out-cuss and out-brawl any man in the camp.

Issue date: 
Feb 15, 2011

Georgia-Pacific Increases Forest Protection and Expands Sustainable Forestry Practices

Issue date: 
February 22, 2011

Court Affirms Forestry’s Positive Role in Addressing Climate Change Decision

Judge Patrick Riley in El Dorado County presided over a consolidated case in which environmental activists challenged 19 Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs) submitted to the state by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) in eight counties. Plaintiffs argued that the plans did not comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) because they did not properly or adequately address greenhouse gas emissions from timber harvesting. In his 25-page opinion Judge Riley disagreed, saying:


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