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Papier- und Zellstoffindustrie

Issue date: 
19 May 2010

Irkutsk region to get two pulp and paper mills

CJSC Priangarye Investment Group is to construct two new pulp and paper mills in the Irkutsk region – in Taishet and Ust-Kuta. Investment volume amounts to USD 3.4 bln and will be provided by China Development Bank and Vneshekonombank (Russia).

Issue date: 
May 13, 2010

What, Exactly, Is Black Liquor? Just Ask the Tax Man

If you want to understand that once-obscure, now infamous pulp byproduct known as black liquor, you can turn to an unlikely source –- the lawyers at the Internal Revenue Service.

Issue date: 
May 7 2010

Värö world’s first fossil-fuel-free pulp mill

Södra Cell has completed the investments, which make its Värö mill the world’s first fossil-fuel-free pulp mill.

Issue date: 
6th May 2010

Mondi to boost SA unit’s pulp exports to Europe

Paper and pulp manufacturer Mondi plans to increase its South African business' primary exports of pulp to Europe and to ultimately shift the unit's focus away from paper exports to that market, it said on Thursday.

Issue date: 
Mai. 5, 2010

Printed products - in or out of EU FLEGT?

Issue date: 
5th May 2010

Mondi sells European paper merchant for €60m

Paper and packaging group Mondi would sell its Europapier business to Austrian paper and pulp manufacturer the Heinzel Group for €60-million in cash, it announced on Wednesday.

The JSE- and LSE-listed Mondi noted that the proceeds of the sale would be used to reduce its net debt.

Survival of the fittest – also true for the forest, paper and packaging industry?

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) published its annual review of the Forest, Paper and Packaging industry in January 2010

Named “Forest, paper and packaging: CEO perspectives <of the year>”, PWC is doing quite a challenging annual job. And every year the report is coming up with astonishing intimate insights. But let us have a closer look to the latest report (the 2010 version):

Issue date: 
Apr 28, 2010

Renewable Electricity Plan concerns Forest Industry

Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia (FPANS) has concerns with Nova Scotia's new Renewable Electricity Plan released on Friday (April 23rd) by the provincial government (.pdf).

Issue date: 
April 26, 2010

Debugging the beetle kill argument


Issue date: 
Apr 25, 2010

Forestry's upturn may sow seeds of new setback

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - A recent run-up by Canadian forestry stocks has investors in the downtrodden sector basking in a warm glow, but that could fade as quickly as it appeared if the industry returns to its self-destructive tendencies.


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