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Issue date: 
Nov 30, 2011

Global net forest loss smaller than thought: FAO

(Reuters) - The global net loss of forest over 1990-2005 was smaller by a third than earlier estimated but deforestation still threatens environment and food security, the United Nation's food agency said on Wednesday unveiling new satellite-bas

Issue date: 
December 01, 2011

India manages to stem deforestation: Minister

Proving the outcry that forests are shrinking due to increased urbanisation, industrialisation and rehabilitation, India has set its record straight with a modest increase in its forest cover.

Issue date: 
June 01, 2011

Drivers and consequences of tropical forest transitions: options to bypass land degradation?

June, 2011. Meyfroidt, P.; van Noordwijk, M.; Minang, P.A.; Dewi, S.; Lambin, E.F.. Policy Brief 25. ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins. 4 pages*


Issue date: 
December 02, 2011

Norway accused of hypocrisy over RI deforestation funding

Norway has been accused of climate hypocrisy in Indonesia, where it has won plaudits for financing forest protection even as its state pension fund allegedly secures even greater revenues from logging, plantations, mining and other environmentally destructive practices.

Issue date: 
November 21, 2011

Trees Before Poverty at Durban

New Report Reveals World Bank Forestry Scheme Ignored Deforestation Emissions Data

Donor Aid Money Being Misused

Issue date: 
November 17, 2011

How (some) deforestation might slow warming

Deforestation in the northern parts of the U.S. can cool down the Earth rather than contribute to global warming, according to a study published Wednesday.

Issue date: 
November 17, 2011

Survey on deforestation and governance by APNEG

The Asia Pacific Network for Environmental Governance (APNEG) invites readers to participate in their survey. The survey is on Governance and economic incentives for reducing the contribution of tropical deforestation to climate change.


Issue date: 
November 4, 2011

Draft law proposes steps to halt deforestation

KARACHI, Nov 3: A revised version of the decades-old forest act suggests critical changes in key government powers to protect what little is left of forests, including the establishment of a settlement committee to determine the status of land, measures to ensure community participation, increase

Issue date: 
18 Oct 2011

Sugar industry takes aim at Ugandan forest again

At Najjembe roadside market, in the heart of Uganda’s rainforest, Sanyu Nakato offers the bright yellow bananas in her basket to hungry passengers on the long-distance coach to neighbouring Kenya, who snap up her wares.

Issue date: 
24 October 2011

Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Change Fund Hits Barrier

Plans for a multi-billion dollar fund to help developing countries, including Ghana, to deal with climate change hit a big snag last week, when the countries could not agree on the format of the fund.


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