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REDD+ Governance

Pakistan has signed a MoU with UK based company on REDD+

One can read at various news messages (ONLINE International News NetworkPakistan Today) about the signing of a MoU between the Government of Pakistan and UK based Company Merlins Wood.

All of you might have read and heard about the first and most prominent rule for any REDD+ agreements: they should be based on FREE, PRIOR & INFORMED CONSENT.

Issue date: 
28 February 2012

43 European states negotiate binding legal framework

The representatives of 43 European countries – the 27 EU member states plus the European Commission, Russia and other non-EU European countries – have begun negotiating a legally binding agreement on sustainable forest management in Europe.

Issue date: 
October, 2011

Report of the State Level Workshop on Decentralised Forest Governance: Beyond JFM

This publication is the report of the workshop titled “Decentralised Forest Governance: Beyond JFM” held on 14-15th October, 2011 in Bhubaneswar, India. The objectives of the workshop were: 

Issue date: 
7 February 2012

Climate Conversations - How to design a REDD+ project

REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) aims to reward or compensate tropical developing countries for keeping their forests intact or for reducing

Issue date: 
January 29 2012

Political insurance for PE funds

A new insurance product has been launched to cover private equity fund investments in Africa and other emerging markets against political risk.

Issue date: 
13 January 2012

Forestry Sector Policy Review Underway

Ghana's Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is currently reviewing one of the sector's major policies the 1994 Forest and Wildlife Policy.

Issue date: 
26 December 2011

Evaluating the Capacity of Forest Governance System for Effective and Efficient REDD-plus Policies in the State of Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

REDD-plus is one of the most important policy tools for promoting sustainable forest management, especially in tropical countries where significantly large net losses of forest area have been observed in recent years.

Issue date: 
30 Dec 2011

The Global Political Economy of REDD+: Engaging Social Dimensions in the Emerging Green Economy

Author(s): Rocío Hiraldo and Thomas Tanner
Programme Area: Research-Related Activities
Paper No.: 4
Code: OP

Issue date: 
December 24, 2011

IDLO Publishes Reports on Legal Preparedness for REDD+ in Mexico, Vietnam and Zambia

To advance legal knowledge and action for REDD+ development and climate change mitigation, IDLO, in collaboration with the UN-REDD Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), prepared country studies on Legal Preparedness for REDD+.

Issue date: 
December 23, 2010

Feasability of REDD in Bhutan: A Scoping Study

The scope of the study is to keep momentum in introducing REDD+ in Bhutan and to asses the nations capacity and knowledge base, essential for compliance and voluntary market entrance, combined with an overall analysis if it is worthwhile to commit to the REDD mechanism, weighing its advantages an


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