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Issue date: 
January 26, 2011

State aid: Commission approves Swedish €55 million aid for «Domsjö» R&D project

Issue date: 
January 11, 2011

Brief: In the aftermath of a REDD+ bilateral agreement

The bilateral REDD+ agreement between Norway and Guyana in 2009 has received international attention. This Focali brief gives and update on the Gyuana case from the previous brief (Henders 2010).

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SCA opens news sales company for timber in China

For the past five years, SCA Timber has had a representative in Hong Kong, focusing on sales and contract manufacturing. SCA is now about to take the next step and open a sales company in Hong Kong – SCA Timber China & S.E.

Issue date: 
January 13, 2011

Production starting at the largest Sawmill in Scandinavia

Production is set to start at Braviken Sawmill, the largest in Scandinavia according to a pressrelease from the company. The first log for a customer order was cut up in the sawmill on 12 January 2011.

Issue date: 
December 25, 2010

Fund company Banco: Forest companies are the largest carbon emitters

When the fund company Banco would make their environmental funds carbon-neutral, they discovered that two forest companies accounted for half of the funds' carbon dioxide emissions writes dn.se.
The forest companies, SCA and Stora Enso looked like real environmental villains in comparison with other companies according to Banco. - They must become better at managing their emissions or we will eventually reduce our holdings in the companies, "said Sacha Beslik to DN.se

Issue date: 
December 18, 2010

Swedish Forest Society export timber to Finland

The forest society will load 2500 cubic meters of timber from the province on a cargo ship to Finland.

Issue date: 
Dez. 6, 2010

From wood to wheel and from black liquor to diesel


Issue date: 
December 3, 2010

The forest industry saved Sweden from the financial crisis

But the question is whether the Swedish economy can rely on the forest ahead?

Issue date: 
November 25, 2010

Electricity prices in Sweden and Norway has increased sharply over the past week

One of the major cost in forestry, pulp and basic industries are high electricity prices.

Issue date: 
November 12, 2010

Lower prices for timber products in Sweden

The recent positive trend in prices on wood products has turned.


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