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November 12, 2010

Production halt in forestry group Södra

The advantage for Swedish sawmills has disappeared with the appreciation of the Swedish Crown.

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Collaboration between stakeholders in sustainable forest management

New research on sustainable forest management (SFM) initiatives in Russia and Sweden has indicated that the main challenges to SFM are combining top-down and bottom up approaches to management, coordinating the different sectors involved and including all actors and stakeholders.

Issue date: 
October 15, 2010

The Swedish government wants to have more knowledge on sustainable forestry

The Swedish Government writes in a pressrelease that they have decided to give the Board of Forestry and Environmental Protection Agency to draw up a platform of knowledge about what it takes to achieve a higher effectiveness in terms of sustainable forest management.

Issue date: 
September, 2010

Sweden: log and wood chip prices have increased substantially the past 12 months

Seattle, USA. September, 2010. Despite slower lumber export sales, sawlog prices in Sweden continued upward in the 2Q, reaching their highest levels on record in local currency.

Issue date: 
Oct 7, 2010

Swedes look into black pellet production in B.C.

Vattenfall, a company owned by the government of Sweden, is exploring the idea of turning wood from British Columbia's northwest, into pellets to burn in European power plants.

Issue date: 
September 23, 2010

Norwegian politicians can stop big forest deal

Orkla's sale of Borregaard is called the forestry deal of the century in the Nordic countries. Norwegian group Orkla's sale of forest company Borregaard, where Swedish company Bergvik Skog has been mentioned as prospective buyer, has become business for the Norwegian Governme


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