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Issue date: 
05 June 2012

Australia: Carbon Forestry Landscape Changing

Carbon forestry investments in New Zealand and Australia have taken a blow from the combined effects of legislative uncertainty and the depressed prices for carbon based on Euro problems, but the sector remains cautiously optimistic.

Issue date: 
21 May, 2012

Forest Management Plan proves controversial

THE state government's newly released Forest Management Plan (FMP) has proved controversial among conservation and green groups.

Conservation Council WA (CCWA) president Piers Verstegen said the government's next forest management plan will be a death sentence to endangered animals.

Issue date: 
20 May, 2012

Large scale carbon forestry planting underway

PLANTING of more than 10,000 hectares of mallee eucalypt trees is now underway as part of one fo the largest carbon forestry projects in Australia.

Issue date: 
06 May, 2012

Melbourne eyes Tassie forest investment

City Council could invest in Tasmanian forest plantations protected from harvesting in an effort to become Victoria's first carbon-neutral council.

Issue date: 
20 April 2012

Australian REDD #Fail in Indonesia's Kalimantan forests

The $100 million dollar scheme was launched in 2007, but nearly five years on, less than a third of that amount has been committed and the projects targets have been drastically reduced.

Issue date: 
Mar 18, 2012

New Forests Leads Purchase of 46,000 Hectare Australian Softwood Plantation

Funds managed by New Forests have taken a controlling interest in the 46,000 hectare Auspine estate. New Forests' Australia New Zealand Forest Fund is the lead investor in the transaction, which includes the land and trees of the 64-property estate, formerly owned and managed by Gunns Limited.

Issue date: 
March 19, 2012

Forests agency sued for logging

STATE-OWNED timber agency VicForests has been hit with court action by the Environment Department after it allegedly logged protected rainforest.

Issue date: 
02 Mar, 2012

UN support for soil carbon

THE United Nations has thrown its support behind soil carbon, but Australian attempts to create a market mechanism to reward the building of soil carbon reserves are still mired in complexity.

Issue date: 
February 14, 2012

Tasmanian forest deal on the rocks

TONY EASTLEY: When the Prime Minister and the Tasmanian Premier signed a forestry agreement last year it appeared that an end was in sight to the protracted and bitter Tasmanian forestry debate.

This morning however the deal would appear to be in tatters.

Felicity Ogilvie reports from Hobart.

FELICITY OGILVIE: The timber company Ta Ann's announcement that it will cut up 40 jobs as a result of environmental groups lobbying against it has thrown the Tasmanian forest peace deal into disarray.

Issue date: 
14 February, 2012

Forest waste plan slammed

A plan to make native forest waste eligible for renewable energy credits has angered the North Coast Environment Council

A peak north coast environmental group has slammed a plan to give renewable energy status to native forest waste used to fuel power stations.


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