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Domestic timber demand on the rise in Brazil

Research has shown that domestic demand for timber in Brazil is on the rise, along with costs.

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Aug. 28, 2012

Brazil's Boa Vista Forest Carbon Offset Project Earns Verification from SCS

SCS Global Services has verified the Brazilian Boa Vista Afforestation/Reforestation carbon offset project under the American Carbon Registry (ACR) Standard. The project sequesters greenhouse gases (GHG) by planting and managing fast-growing Acacia mangium Willd.

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Aug 24 2012

Brazil Perfects Monitoring of Amazon Carbon Emissions

A new system to calculate the amount of greenhouse gases generated by deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon jungle region has come at a good time for assessing the effects of the reform of the country’s forest code.

The new satellite system optimises government monitoring of forests.

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UK fund targets CO2 credits from areas in Brazil’s Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon state of Amapa has given a British investment fund the right to draw up avoided deforestation projects for an area covering 1.3 million hectares, the latest in a string of deals in the region.

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June 25, 2012

Small farmers cause substantial damage in the Amazon rainforest

Small farmers are less likely than large landowners to maintain required forest cover on their property in the Brazilian Amazon, worsening the environmental impact of their operations, reported a re

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June 19, 2012

Farming the forest

Manoel Jose Leite, a small-scale organic farmer, is set to pioneer low-carbon agriculture in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which for decades has been destroyed by expanding agribusiness.

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June 01, 2012

Amazon Fund approved 30 projects with over $300 million in financing

The Amazon Fund, created in 2008 to promote projects for the prevention and combating deforestation and conservation and sustainable use of forests, has so far approved 30 projects.

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June 11, 2012

First-Ever REDD Project in Amazon Rainforest Receives Registration Under the Verified Carbon Standard

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June 12, 2012

Bunge Launches Innovative REDD Project in Brazilian Amazon

Bunge Limited today announced it is participating in a project that will avoid approximately 30 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and generate carbon credits through the preservation of 70,000 hectares of native forest in the Amazon biome.

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May 03, 2012

Eucalyptus developer begins final field trial

FuturaGene, a genetic research and development firm focused on enhancing the eucalyptus tree, has been granted approval to begin a fourth field trial of its genetically modified eucalyptus tree in Brazil.  


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