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Issue date: 
Oct 28, 2010

Sustainable forest management in Europe contributes to global biodiversity goals

The FOREST EUROPE policies play an important role in combating global biodiversity loss. These are the findings of a recently completed assessment, which has been carried out in relation to the 10TH Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which is taking place until 29 October in Nagoya, Japan.

Issue date: 
Oct 22, 2010

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) - synthesis report

The economic importance of the natural assets of the world is now firmly on the political radar as a result of an international assessment showcasing the enormous economic value of forests, freshwater, soils and coral reefs, as well as the social and economic costs of their loss, was the conclusion of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) report launched (20 October 2010) by TEEB study leader, Pavan Sukhdev, at the 10th Conference of Parties meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP10) in Nagoya.

Issue date: 
October 23, 2010


UPM has developed a global biodiversity programme that aims to maintain and increase natural biodiversity on UPM forest land, and to promote best practices in forestry and wood sourcing. UPM's biodiversity programme is regarded as a front-runner and is being showcased at the UN COP 10. 

Issue date: 
September 05, 2010

Is carbon protection the same as biodiversity protection?

Protection of forests for their carbon value through Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) schemes has been increasing in recent years. These schemes concentrate on preserving forest cover, and thus have great potential for the conservation of natural biodiversity. Some (REDD+) initiatives already specifically take biodiversity protection into account.

Issue date: 
August 12, 2010

Logged forests retain considerable biodiversity in Borneo providing conservation opportunity

A new study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B finds that forests which have undergone logging in the past, sometimes even twice, retain significant levels of biodiversity in Borneo. The researchers say these findings should push conservationists to protect more logged forests from being converted into oil palm plantations where biodiversity levels drop considerably and endangered species are almost wholly absent. Given that much of Borneo's forests have been logged as least once, these long-dismissed forests could become a new frontier for conservationists.

Issue date: 
August 13, 2010

Appeals court allows logging Oregon old growth

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A federal appeals court Friday cleared the way for logging to resume in an old growth forest reserve at a national forest in Oregon to protect northern spotted owl habitat from being lost to wildfire.

Issue date: 
20 July 2010

Tanzania: UNDP project saves mountain forests for future generations

Issue date: 
22 July 2010

Setting up Nest: Acre, Brazil, and the Future of REDD

22 July 2010  | In the March edition of SinergiA, a quarterly newsletter on environmental services in Latin America, Jacob Olander, Director of The Katoomba Ecosystem Services Incubator (a project of Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends), takes a long, hard look at the future of REDD projects.

Issue date: 
13 July 2010

Businesses 'profit from investing in nature'

Businesses can and should take a key role in stemming biodiversity loss around the world, a report concludes.

The latest report from The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb) project argues that many sectors have a stake in protecting nature.

Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity of Forests - intrinsically bound toegether and to REDD+

Recently someone sent me a special issue about Ecosystem Services of the EU DG environment

When starting to read this leaflet I began to realize the difficulties of Central European Foresters (CEF) in understanding why the rest of the (biology/ecology/forestry) world is going to have endless discussions on how to differ between biodiversity and ecosystem services when applying forest management.


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