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Issue date: 
January 21 2011

Results of CPET’s 2010 review of forest certification schemes

Compliance with the UK government's timber procurement policy is mainly demonstrated by certification under either the FSC or PEFC schemes and the schemes are very important for the implementation of the policy.

Issue date: 
Jan 25, 2011

Finnish FSC standard approved

FINLAND, Jan 25, 2011 - The international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) granted its unqualified approval to Finland’s redrafted FSC standard on 21st January 2011. The new FSC standard can be adopted once a three-month transitional period has passed.

Common ground on Finland’s national FSC standard was attained after lengthy negotiations between the three chambers of FSC Finland and various stakeholder groups. The meeting of the Finnish FSC Association approved the standard in November 2010.

Issue date: 
January 25, 2011

UK Government confirms PEFC as a source of legal and sustainable timber

The results of the 2010 CPET (Central Point of Expertise on Timber) Review, published on 21st January, concluded that both PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) continue to deliver evidence of sustainability in compliance with the UK Government’s timber policy.

Issue date: 
18 January 2011

Nijpels Meubelen: Furniture from sustainably managed forests

From today, Nijpels Meubelen B.V., the largest producer of ready-to-assemble furniture in The Netherlands, will be using the PEFC label on its products. On 12 January it was issued with a PEFC chain of custody certificate, enabling Nijpels Meubelen to demonstrate that their products have been manufactured using timber that has originated from sustainably managed forests as approved by the PEFC scheme.

Issue date: 
December 2010

Council Refuses to Open Up LEEDs to Other Certification Systems

Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council will continue to be the only kind qualifying for LEED points, after a motion to open it up to other certification programs failed to win a two-thirds majority from members of the U.S. Green Building Council. 
Issue date: 
December 19, 2010

Certification fails to protect B.C. forests

Issue date: 
November 26, 2010

CSV sees increased demand for certified material

London-based project management company, Clear Sound & Vision Ltd. (CSV) has announced that they have seen a significant increased in demand from customers for certified material, in particular Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) certified packaging material.

Issue date: 
October 8, 2010


UPM has started testing the new Finnish FSC standard in company forests. With this testing the company wants to fully assess the costs and functionality of the indicators of the new Finnish FSC standard approved by the Finnish FSC association on 8 October, 2010.

Issue date: 
August 24th, 2010

Forestry Certification Means We Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

Developed and developing countries alike must play a role in addressing climate change, a reality that we simply cannot escape. However, many suppliers in the forest products market, especially small- and medium-sized firms, are concerned that the red tape resulting from environmental policy is in danger of creating more paperwork than it’s intended to save.

Issue date: 
Aug 23, 2010

Pressure mounts on USGBC to accept forest certification programs

Forest certification standards from 12 nations have called on the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to end its discrimination against wood and accept all credible sustainable forest certification standards.

The certification programs pointed out that wood is one of the best environmental choices for construction as long as it is from a responsible source, and that fiber certified to the 26 national forest certification programs recognized by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) meets this demand.


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