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From today, Nijpels Meubelen B.V., the largest producer of ready-to-assemble furniture in The Netherlands, will be using the PEFC label on its products. On 12 January it was issued with a PEFC chain of custody certificate, enabling Nijpels Meubelen to demonstrate that their products have been manufactured using timber that has originated from sustainably managed forests as approved by the PEFC scheme.

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable forest management are an international concern for the Dutch company.

“We supply to a number of large customers in The Netherlands, particularly DIY and Home Furnishing stores, but the greatest demand for certified products is from our international customers,” commented Ben Brevet, Purchasing Manager at Nijpels Meubelen. “In the United Kingdom in particular, companies lead the way in responsible procurement. Many of our customers already demand that the products we supply them with originate from sustainably managed forests. We have been purchasing certified panels for some years, but were keen to go even further to demonstrate responsible sourcing. We are delighted that our PEFC certificate now enables us to prove the origin of our products.” He continues, “PEFC certification was the natural choice for our company: We soon learned that our suppliers could deliver a high, continuous volume of PEFC certified panels, which is our most important raw material, as they source their timber from PEFC-certified forests in Belgium, France and the UK,” concludes Mr Brevet.


Extpub | by Dr. Radut