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Carbon trading under SFM regime

SFM and Carbon Trading, can it work? Who will pay for carbon locked in forest which are not under any conservation scheme?

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Identifying sustainable forest management research narratives: a text mining approach

Although it is obvious that research regarding Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) is context specific and developed over time, not many research papers yet intended to investigate these changes. As a matter of fact, the number of scientific publications addressing SFM is relatively high. Hence, such a wide field cannot be sufficiently covered by traditional literature review approaches. With this paper, we aim at identifying the most convergent narratives within the SFM-research landscape by applying a text mining methodology to recent scientific literature. By doing so, we generated results that indicate that there may have been three phases in the evolution of SFM-research: the early phase covers in particular issues regarding land use in tropical and developing countries. Furthermore, papers in this phase tend to focus on general concepts or policy issues. In contrast, the second phase is characterized by a larger share of publications in forestry focused journals. This process is seemingly connected with issues like forest management, certification, forest stand management and the development of sustainability indicators. A third phase can be observed by the relative downturn of publications in forest-focused journals between 2005 and 2010. A new focus in this period is climate change.

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Individuals Can Buy And Trade Carbon Credits, Just Like Corporations Can

One of the little-known facts about cap-and-trade is that individuals are allowed to buy and trade carbon credits just like corporations can.

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Jan. 06 2013

How the Great Bear project is a leader in carbon offsets

As concepts go, carbon offsets are a simple thing: for every ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, a ton can be “offset” by, say, using wood waste instead of coal in a cement manufacturing plant.

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Carbon Market Watch

Who pays? Lessons from CDM forestry projects for REDD

Forestry projects typically involve local communities and are challenging to implement. When farmers get involved with personal financial liabilities, the question of who bears the financial risk arises especially in cases where revenues from carbon credits do not materialise.

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October 22, 2012

Turning Forests into Carbon Banks

For decades, Lock Haven, Pa., has secured its municipal water supply from 5,200 acres of city-owned forest in northern Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains. In the past, the city kept its water rates down by logging hemlock, hardwoods and other timber from the property.

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