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Illegale Holzschlägerungen

Issue date: 
January 11, 2011

Follow the money or follow the logs?

It’s easy to point fingers at a particular country’s illegal log trade, but we need to keep in mind that the industry is feeding the world’s demand for timber. Illegal logging is a collective problem that requires a collective solution, says Nalin Kishor of the World Bank.

Issue date: 
December 20th, 2010

Australia - Illegal logging legislation welcomed

A3P has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, that the Gillard Government will introduce legislation restricting the importation and sale of illegally logged timber.A3P CEO Richard Stanton said “we are gratified that the Governm

Issue date: 
December 2010

Lessons learnt from FLEGT for REDD draft Summary

Destruction of forests is a significant contributor to climate change. Preserving forests helps mitigate global warming. These two facts explain why halting deforestation is a central part of much of the current negotiations on climate change, with an international binding forest climate agreement, or REDD+, forming a key part of discussions. Yet, such an agreement, even if well-designed, cannot by itself save the forests. Without reducing greenhouse gas emissions by between 85 and 95 percent by 2050, many forests, along with many other ecosystems, will be lost.
Issue date: 
December 4, 2010

Wikileak document reveal how the Russia's Forest Mafia operates

The US cables reveal the problem with illegally harvesting and how Chinese and Russian logging companies operates. According to the cables smugglers use different methods to illicitly export illegal  timber, most of which are able to pass through customs inspections and established border cro

REDD+: The war over forests - all against all

One week of Cancun talks have passed by and I just can't stop wondering!

Seems the world gets more wired any time when people meet for negotiations on what should happen to forests.

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What problems does sustainable forest management face in Russia?

Discrepancies in the system of the Russian forest legislation is the main reason for that. This was the common opinion of participants of the Roundtable organized by WWF at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in early November 2010.

Representatives of the Russian legislative bodies, Russian federal Forest Service, regional authorities, forestry businesses, supervising and control entities of forest management and environmental NGOs were invited to this meeting.

Issue date: 
14 November 2010

Legislation to outlaw illegal timber is axed despite coalition pledge

The government has backed away from legislation that would outlaw the possession of illegally logged timber from the world's rainforests.

Issue date: 
Oct 12, 2010

Brazil Amazon forest to be privately managed

(Reuters) - Brazil will auction large swaths of the Amazon forest to be managed by private timber companies and cooperatives to help reduce demand for illegal logging, a top official told Reuters on Monday.


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