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Illegale Holzschlägerungen

Issue date: 
June 09, 2010

Reporting on deforestation, pollution is dangerous

Journalists who report on deforestation and pollution are increasingly at risk of violence, imprisonment, or persecution, finds a new report released last week by Reporters Without Borders.

Issue date: 
7 June 2010

Army ‘aiding’ illegal Burma timber trade


Up to 15 trucks laden with illegally logged timber are being smuggled from northern Burma through army checkpoints into China every day, locals in Kachin state have said.

Issue date: 
June 07, 2010

Gabon bans log exports

On May 15th the West African nation of Gabon implemented a total ban on log exports. According to the International Timber Trade Organization (ITTO) the ban has been efficiently enforced to date and log exports from Gabon have "completely halted".

ITTO also reports that around 60,000 cubic meters of logs meant mostly for China remains in port, halted by the ban. However, the drop in log exports by Gabon appears to have pushed logging in nearby Cameroon.

Die EU Agrarpolitik, FLEGT und REDD+

Wieso die EU Agrarpolitik die Entwaldung von Regenwäldern forciert oder anders gefragt: wieso bekämpft die EU illegale Holzschlägerungen, nicht aber Entwaldung?

Good-Governance is a substantial part of any national REDD+ program...

In the draft UNFCCC REDD+ text that came out of the negotiations last year in Copenhagen, three of seven safeguards to be supported and promoted when undertaking REDD+ activities relate to governance:

2(b) Transparent and effective national forest governance structures...

2(c) Respect for the knowledge and rights of indigenous peoples and members of local

Issue date: 
21 May 2010

Balkans sound alarm over disappearing forests

AFP - Illegal logging and unregulated real estate projects are threatening the Balkans' once abundant forests, home to more than half of Europe's bears and to large wolf populations.

Issue date: 
May 2010

The Congolese forest, governance and timber trade: FLEGT

Issue date: 
6 May 2010

EU-Cameroon Trade Agreement Ensures Timber Legality

BRUSSELS and YAOUNDÉ (6 May 2010)—The European Union (EU) and the Government of Cameroon today announced a trade agreement in which Africa’s biggest exporter of tropical hardwood to Europe has agreed to ensure wood traded within the country and shipped from Cameroon to the EU and other destina

Issue date: 
April 2010

Study on Forest Law Enforcement and REDD in Guyana



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