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Forest carbon

Issue date: 
Jun 14, 2012

Asia CDM Stakeholder Consultations and Implications for CDM AR & REDD+

A CDM policy dialogue with Asian stakeholders took place in Bangkok from 7-8 June 2012. Asia has more than 80% of the registered CDM projects in the world.

Issue date: 
May 30, 2012

Disagreement on REDD finance at the “stalemate” climate negotiations in Bonn

Last year, emissions of carbon dioxide increased by 3.2% to 31.6 billion tonnes, according to figures released by the International Energy Agency.

Issue date: 
31 May 2012

Corporates push voluntary carbon market to highest level since 2008

Transactions of voluntary carbon credits grew to $576m last year, defying the sluggish economy by reaching the highest level since 2008, with corporate buyers making up the vast majority of purchases.

Issue date: 
June 01, 2012

Amazon Fund approved 30 projects with over $300 million in financing

The Amazon Fund, created in 2008 to promote projects for the prevention and combating deforestation and conservation and sustainable use of forests, has so far approved 30 projects.

Issue date: 
06 Jun 2012

GAR and SMART publish High Carbon Stock Forest Study Report

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) and its subsidiary PT SMART, supported by TFT and Greenpeace, have reached a significant milestone with the publication of a report detailing the methodology and findings from their High Carbon Stock (HSC) forest fieldwork.

Issue date: 
6 June 2012

The Israelis saving the rainforests

A company owned by Israeli entrepreneurs will manage preservation of tropical rainforests of the Central African Republic.

Issue date: 
05 June 2012

Australia: Carbon Forestry Landscape Changing

Carbon forestry investments in New Zealand and Australia have taken a blow from the combined effects of legislative uncertainty and the depressed prices for carbon based on Euro problems, but the sector remains cautiously optimistic.

Issue date: 
June 11, 2012

First-Ever REDD Project in Amazon Rainforest Receives Registration Under the Verified Carbon Standard

Issue date: 
June 12, 2012

The Gold Standard expands: announcements on forestry & land-use

Based upon consistent stakeholder lobbying and the strongly positive outcome of a 2011 scoping exercise, The Gold Standard Foundation is expanding its project scope into land use and forestry.

Issue date: 
June 12, 2012

Bunge Launches Innovative REDD Project in Brazilian Amazon

Bunge Limited today announced it is participating in a project that will avoid approximately 30 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and generate carbon credits through the preservation of 70,000 hectares of native forest in the Amazon biome.


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