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Has Illegal logging dropped the last decade, we doubt...►

So, when talking about progress in combating of “illegal logging” by facts, two figures are necessary: the amount of illegal logging at the starting point (back at the beginning of the decade) and the current amount of illegal logging. Coming back to the statement of Nadine Laporte, we will compare figures with very different error bars. The confidence interval of the early figures is huge whilst the error bars of the recent figures are much smaller. It’s like comparing apples with oranges.

Is Conservation the main deal for REDD+? ►

The Sustainable Forest Management System of Austria could save those people who are directly affected by climate change processes such as REDD+, the fate of life in "reserves". And it also offers these people a smooth transition into a new era and the most extensive painless entry into a global world. It would leave them their dignity and they could continue to be proud making their living by their own hands work with their forests.

Is illegal logging the main source of deforestation? ►

There is stats published by UNFCCC in 2007 - Wood extraction for commercial timber (legal and illegal) counts for 14% of total deforestation & degradation activities - extract the legal part plus extract those parts of illegal timber not going to international sales - so what remains?

Do we have to stop deforestation at all costs? ►

“Just paying money for reducing deforestation and improving conservation practices measured by environmental records like carbon sequestration will not solve the problem – it will still worsen it!”


Survival of the fittest – also true for the forest, paper and packaging industry?►

Do you think global Pulp & Paper Industry is ready for the challenges of the 21th century? Or is it still on trial and error path?


Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU, FLEGT and REDD+ ►

Why is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU fostering Deforestation or why is the EU fighting illegal logging but not deforestation?



vor 13 Jahre 12 months
RISI - Christer Idhammar - May 31, 2010:   USA, Mai. 31, 2010 (RISI) - Here a best performer is defined as an industrial plant that has achieved a high reliability and fast throughput of manufactured products and as a consequence, manufacturing costs, including maintenance costs, are low. So what are the best performers doing differently than others? The short answer is that they do what we all know we need to do; they just do it better and better over a long period of time. Best performers know and understand that improved reliability and maintenance performance lies more with people...
vor 14 Jahre 5 Tage
Wieso die EU Agrarpolitik die Entwaldung von Regenwäldern forciert oder anders gefragt: wieso bekämpft die EU illegale Holzschlägerungen, nicht aber Entwaldung? Die EU argumentiert ihr Programm zur Bekämpfung der illegalen Holzschlägerungen (FLEGT – Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) als Maßnahme zur Verringerung der globalen Entwaldung und somit auch als Beitrag zur Rettung unseres Klimas. Was grundlegend falsch ist. Mehr als ¾ der globalen Entwaldungsfläche ist nicht auf illegale Holznutzung sondern auf die Schaffung von landwirtschaftlicher Nutzfläche zurückzuführen. Die EU ist...
vor 14 Jahre 5 Tage
AP - May 28 2010 - The Oslo Climate and Forest Conference as a successor of the Paris conference:  ⇒       You can find a participation list here Video of the entire conference and other media files you can find here The REDD+ Partnership document can downloaded here ( PDF, 300kB)   Developed nations pledged more than $4 billion over the next three years to finance a program meant to help poor countries protect their forests and slow global warming   An agency monitoring the aid will be up and running before U.N. climate talks start in Cancun, Mexico...
vor 14 Jahre 1 Woche
26. Mai 2010: Die vor kurzem aufgrund der Wirtschaftskrise lancierte "neue Holzexportstrategie" der österreichischen Holzindustrie, welche kurz gefasst und wörtlich wiedergegeben "sich auf den Vorgarten Österreichs, der Schwarzmeerregion" konzentrieren wird, scheint vor dem Hintergrund der folgenden Pressemeldung zumindest hinterfragenswert: For some such as Canfor Corp the economic downturn that significantly reduced the US demand for Canadian lumber has had an upside. Instead of wallowing in the doldrums Canfor Corp turned their attention to Asia and during the first quarter discovered ‘...
vor 14 Jahre 1 Woche
December 2012 - a note by the editor of ForestIndustries.EU: TWO years after we have published the article below, the British NGO, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), published a detailed report at the end of November called "China, appetite for destruction" (PDF). Main conclusion: "After analysing trade data for 36 supplier countries, the EIA has concluded that approximately 10% of the logs and sawed timber is illegal". We have estimated the volume of timber being sourced from illegal sources at the extend of 20% - globally - according to the EIA it's half... Read further here as well...
vor 14 Jahre 1 Woche
In the draft UNFCCC REDD+ text that came out of the negotiations last year in Copenhagen, three of seven safeguards to be supported and promoted when undertaking REDD+ activities relate to governance: 2(b) Transparent and effective national forest governance structures... 2(c) Respect for the knowledge and rights of indigenous peoples and members of local communities… 2(d) Full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders, including, in particular, indigenous peoples and local communities…. The need to monitor governance has also been recognized by the UN-REDD Programme and...
vor 14 Jahre 1 month
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) published its annual review of the Forest, Paper and Packaging industry in January 2010 Named “Forest, paper and packaging: CEO perspectives <of the year>”, PWC is doing quite a challenging annual job. And every year the report is coming up with astonishing intimate insights. But let us have a closer look to the latest report (the 2010 version): Putting important things first, we highly recommend to read this article first... Ready? Got the message above? OK - go further... Firstly I will cite some statements taken from the report: “This kind of...
vor 14 Jahre 1 month
► You can find a summary of the results of the conference exclusively here...   We invite comments from all countries and stakeholder groups on the draft partnership document within 14 days, by May 12th at noon Central European Time. Please submit your comments to ocfc2010@md.dep.no. All comments will be published on our website unless you explicitly request anonymity. After the public comment period, the core group (still open for any country to join) will reconvene and agree on a final text to be sent out for voluntary endorsement by countries. The drafting process so far:...
vor 14 Jahre 1 month
Sounds to be a simple question - but it isn't: Banning illegally logged timber will curb deforestation - this is the very simplistic message of Caroline Lucas MEP: UK Green Steps Up Fight Against Illegal Logging In Euro-Parliament: “As my draft regulation on the illegal trade in timber and wood products returns to Parliament, I hope to see substantial backing from fellow MEPs for reinstating the strict and effective measures that received overwhelming support during the first reading in April 2009. Several of these tough measures were deleted by EU Council back in March, when they officially...
vor 14 Jahre 2 months
A conference bringing together more than 60 nations Thursday added $1 billion to the fight against deforestation and boosted the morale of those hoping to save the world's forests — a key defense against global warming. Three months after a morose ending to climate change talks in Copenhagen, the one-day ministerial meeting in Paris attended by heavily forested countries such as Indonesia and those in the Amazon and Congo basins amounted to a confidence-builder for nations wondering what comes next in the battle against deforestation, many delegates said. "We entered the meeting with $3...


by Dr. Radut