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Has Illegal logging dropped the last decade, we doubt...►

So, when talking about progress in combating of “illegal logging” by facts, two figures are necessary: the amount of illegal logging at the starting point (back at the beginning of the decade) and the current amount of illegal logging. Coming back to the statement of Nadine Laporte, we will compare figures with very different error bars. The confidence interval of the early figures is huge whilst the error bars of the recent figures are much smaller. It’s like comparing apples with oranges.

Is Conservation the main deal for REDD+? ►

The Sustainable Forest Management System of Austria could save those people who are directly affected by climate change processes such as REDD+, the fate of life in "reserves". And it also offers these people a smooth transition into a new era and the most extensive painless entry into a global world. It would leave them their dignity and they could continue to be proud making their living by their own hands work with their forests.

Is illegal logging the main source of deforestation? ►

There is stats published by UNFCCC in 2007 - Wood extraction for commercial timber (legal and illegal) counts for 14% of total deforestation & degradation activities - extract the legal part plus extract those parts of illegal timber not going to international sales - so what remains?

Do we have to stop deforestation at all costs? ►

“Just paying money for reducing deforestation and improving conservation practices measured by environmental records like carbon sequestration will not solve the problem – it will still worsen it!”


Survival of the fittest – also true for the forest, paper and packaging industry?►

Do you think global Pulp & Paper Industry is ready for the challenges of the 21th century? Or is it still on trial and error path?


Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU, FLEGT and REDD+ ►

Why is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU fostering Deforestation or why is the EU fighting illegal logging but not deforestation?



vor 15 Jahre 1 month
Die siebte Runde der Ad Hoc Arbeitsgruppe für zukünftige Vereinbarungen der Annex I Länder unter dem Kyoto Protokoll (AWG-KP 7) ist beendet... Wie erwartet hat sich wieder einiges getan in Bonn Südafrika hat als Sprecher von China und weiteren 77 Staaten gefordert, die Verhandlungen über Land use, Land use change and Forestry für Industriestaaten gänzlich zu stoppen (mehr darüber hier - Englisch!) "The bar" ("Der Balken") wurde von der EU als vorgestellt, Tuvalu und Kanada habe auf ihre besondere Situation hingewiesen Am Rande hat erwartungsgemäß auch wieder etwas Klimaaktivismus statt...
vor 15 Jahre 2 months
Parties have submitted their views on further LULUCF treatment! Die ersten Länder haben ihre Stellungnahmen zur zukünftigen Behandlung des LULUCF Sektors abgegeben! You can find the text here/Der Text (in Englisch) Text as Download, 930 kB There is also a draft for the negotiations by the chair (see p.6, 14-15)/der Vorsitz hat auch einen Textvorschlag für die kommenden Verhandlungen formuliert Text as Download, 250 kB   Some remarkable statements submitted within this first round: Switzerland "As an option, accounting for HWPs could begin on a voluntary basis, assuming accounting...
vor 15 Jahre 3 months
Es wird ernst: Am 15. Februar 2009 war Abgabetermin für die ersten normalen Stellungnahmen der Staaten zum Nachfolgeprotokoll von LULUCF. Der Bereich LULUCF wird und wurde in der AWG-KP viel diskutiert – österreichische Beiträge dazu findet man allerdings nur sporadisch. Somit ist klar, dass jetzt etwas geschehen muss – spätestens bis Mitte 2009 sollten die Länder wissen, was auf sie zukommt und welche Optionen für sie die besten sind. (Text als Download, 500 kB) Bisher hat sich in Österreich wenig getan, die Informationen zu diesem Thema fließen spärlich, wenn überhaupt. Einzig in der...
vor 15 Jahre 4 months
Why isn't EU selling FLEGT as such as it is? Nowadays most of EU's programs is fighting climate change or/and combating the world economic crises This knows no halt, not even for initiatives like fighting illegal logging - FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) in short. The idea of FLEGT was born a couple of years ago by the European Commission when starting to listen to the moaning of specific G-NGO’s. The thoughts standing behind FLEGT might have been quite chivalrously and honest. But there was politics behind from the very first. Otherwise how could it happen to name...
vor 15 Jahre 4 months
September 2012 - a note by the Editor of ForestIndustries.EU: We wrote this article more than three years ago. Many significant events happened since then and a huge amount of new knowledge has been collected by the global community. But two main facts we stated back in 2010 had been proofed rock steady and all right: conservation should NOT be the main deal of any program for forests and illegal logging is NOT the main source of deforestation - recently published knowledge proves us right: Evidence-based Conservation, by Terry C.H. Sunderland (CIFOR Article here) and Agriculture Is the...


by Dr. Radut