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ETS - Emissions Trading Schemes (EU, NZ, ...) and Forest Carbon Credits

Issue date: 
April 8, 2011

Revealed: scandal of carbon credit firm

A SYDNEY carbon credits company thought to have been running some of the world's biggest offsets deals appears to be a fake, shifting paper certificates instead of saving forests and cutting greenhouse emissions.

Issue date: 
February 17, 2011

Australia can meet carbon targets by land offsets: report

A new report on Thursday said Australia can meet its carbon emissions target by doing nothing more than claiming offsets from re-vegetation of cleared land, regional forest agreements and ending logging of native forests.

Australia has set its target of a 5 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2020, and the study said the federal government has deliberately underestimated these land offsets to justify a weak target in international negotiations.

Issue date: 
01 March 2011

UK to devise standalone carbon permit system

London – The UK said it will opt out of a common European Union platform for auctioning carbon permits in the next phase of the bloc's emissions-trading programme, which starts in 2013, and will develop a national system instead.

Issue date: 
February 18, 2011

Voluntary Carbon Fills Compliance Void

Issue date: 
15 February 2011

Event to unveil business opportunities in carbon forestry

Issue date: 
15 Feb 2011

UN targets carbon credit backlog

Clearing a backlog of credits and convincing small countries they can benefit from the UN's carbon offsetting scheme will be amongst the top priority as the Clean Development Mechanism's (CDM) executive board gathers in Bonn, Germany this week to discuss the future of the scheme.

Issue date: 
13 Jan 2011

Global Insider: Subnational Cooperation on Climate Change

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed an agreement with his counterparts in Acre, Brazil and Chiapas, Mexico, to cooperate on efforts to counter climate change.

Issue date: 
18 January 2011

East Asian cap and trade plans hit the wall

The new year sees emissions trading plans in Japan shelved and under mounting question marks in South Korea as their respective governments face heavy political pressure from industry.

Issue date: 
05 January 2011

Carbon trade: Cambodia forests for EU scheme

CAYMAN Islands-registered Green Glory Ltd is in the process of obtaining management rights to establish a carbon credit scheme using Cambodia’s forests, according to a company statement.

The firm is seeking rights to 450,000 hectares of the Kingdom’s woodlands for supply-side carbon credits. It is also planning to list on the London Alternative Investment Market exchange via the acquisition of AIM-listed Tricor Plc.

Issue date: 

The Californian Carbon Market, Forestry and REDD

As we stated in a previous post California, the world’s 8th largest economy, has approved an extensive cap-and-trade carbon trading scheme to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


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by Dr. Radut