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Poverty Reduction - Deforestation, Poverty & Economic Dependency

Issue date: 
April 10, 2011

Study calls for REDD+ money to boost yields in West Africa using agrochemicals

Small-scale agriculture — including cocoa, cassava, and oil palm farming — has driven large-scale conversion West Africa tropical forests, reports new research published in the journal Environmental Management.

Issue date: 
April 7, 2011

Low fertilizer use drives deforestation in West Africa, imperils REDD implementation says new study

Issue date: 
21 March 2011

Systematic Use of Fertilizers Can Save Forests, Fight Climate Change - Study

Issue date: 
March 16, 2011

5 Actors, 5 Trends, a Continent of Complexity

Issue date: 
March 9th, 2011

Pacheedaht First Nation to receive forest revenue returns

Pacheedaht First Nation is the 14th First Nation to sign a new type of agreement that sees a percentage of forestry revenue returned directly to the community, announced Forests, Mines and Lands Minister Pat Bell today.

Issue date: 

Congo community to use carbon payments to put kids through school

Issue date: 
Feb 24, 2011

UN-REDD Launches New "UN-REDD Report" Series

Issue date: 
14 February 2011

No Correlation Between Democracy and Forest Governance

All markets differ from region to region.  Soybean meal from Brazil, for example, has a higher protein content than does soybean meal from the United States, which makes it especially popular in China.  But the two products resemble each other enough that a Chinese buyer will grudgingly accept the latter in lieu of the former – albeit at an agreed upon discount.

That's one of the things that makes soybean meal a commodity', and its status as a commodity is one of the things that makes it so easy to trade.

Issue date: 
February 7, 2011

Forests Vs. Food?

Issue date: 
February 4, 2011

Massive UN-Supported African Palm Plantations Leading to Oppression, Kidnapping and Murder


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