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Poverty Reduction - Deforestation, Poverty & Economic Dependency

Issue date: 
14 August 2011

Four months to save the world's last great wilderness from 'oil curse'

Issue date: 
August 08, 2011

Balancing agriculture and rainforest biodiversity in India’s Western Ghats

CITATION: M.O. Anand, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Ajith Kumar, Archana Bali. Sustaining biodiversity conservation in human-modified landscapes in the Western Ghats: Remnant forests matter. Biological Conservation. 143 (2010) 2363–2374.

Issue date: 
20 July 2011

'We either burn charcoal or die of starvation'

Veronica Erupe has lived in the village of Manyatta Chokaa, along the Isiolo-Samburu district border in northern Kenya, since 2008 when she fled drought and frequent livestock rustling at her Baragoi home, 600km away.

Issue date: 

Forest tenure in Africa and south and southeast Asia: Implications for sustainable forest management and poverty alleviation

Based on recent studies conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on forest tenure systems in Asia and Africa, the paper presents an overview of the present situation, characterized by the predominance of public forests under the direct control and management

Issue date: 
July 27, 2011

Small-Scale Land Speculators Contribute To Amazon Deforestation

Many migrants from southern Brazil who clear forests in Brazil’s state of Amazonas are making their living as small-scale land speculators and not as farmers or as cattle ranchers, new research has found.

Issue date: 
25 July 2011

Ethiopia gives farmland to foreigners while thousands starve

A Survival investigation has uncovered alarming evidence that some of Ethiopia’s most productive farmland is being stolen from local tribes and leased to foreign companies to grow and export food – while thousands of its citizens starve during the devastating drought.

Issue date: 
June 2, 2011

Scientists calculate the true cost of saving rainforest

Current plans to mitigate deforestation could adversely affect rural poor

New research shows that international plans to pay developing countries to reduce tropical forest destruction may increase rural poverty because critical income streams to rural people have been ignored.

Issue date: 
18 July, 2011

Wealthy households driving deforestation, says new study

BOGOR, Indonesia (18 July, 2011)_High income households are responsible for 30 percent more deforestation than low income households, according to preliminary results from the Poverty and Environment Network’s (PEN) global study, suggesting that it is wealth, not poverty that is driving higher ra

Issue date: 
14 July 2011

Forest ownership can significantly improve people’s lives

Reforming forest tenure systems and securing forest ownership rights can significantly improve peoples’ livelihoods and enable them to gain income from forest products says a new United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report .

Issue date: 
Jul 11, 2011

Public debate on REDD+ and forest justice

A public debate about the potential for emerging conservation initiatives to make international forestry fairer for local communities in developing countries will take place at UEA London on 20 July.


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