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Poverty Reduction - Deforestation, Poverty & Economic Dependency

Issue date: 
May 19, 2010

Good Practice Guidance on the Sustainable Mobilization of Wood in Europe

According to a new publication, if Europe is to achieve its renewable energy objective of 20% by 2020, it must step up the supply of wood from its sustainably managed forests.  In Europe, only 60% of the annual natural growth of the forests is currently being harvested.

Die EU Agrarpolitik, FLEGT und REDD+

Wieso die EU Agrarpolitik die Entwaldung von Regenwäldern forciert oder anders gefragt: wieso bekämpft die EU illegale Holzschlägerungen, nicht aber Entwaldung?

Issue date: 
Mar 23rd, 2010

Drivers of Deforestation: In the Tropics, Urbanization Plays a Key Role

Stopping tropical deforestation is something that almost everyone can agree upon as a reasonable and intelligent way to reduce CO2 emissions. Trees absorb atmospheric CO2 and emit oxygen, acting as planetary lungs. Tropical rainforests are some of the largest stands of trees in existence.

Issue date: 
20 May 2010

National deforestation workshop in Cameroon looks beyond the forest

While it is clear that deforestation is an important source of global carbon emissions, the potential role that agricultural mosaics at the forest margin could play, to help reduce pressure on the forest, store carbon and create benefits for local people is gaining evidence   Scientists and fo

Issue date: 
8 May 2010

The Plundered Planet: How to Reconcile Prosperity with Nature by Paul Collier

Paul Collier CBE is a heavyweight economist, in the same league as Joseph Stiglitz and Jeffrey Sachs. He's an Oxford professor and a former head of research at the World Bank, as well as being a UN and British government adviser.

Issue date: 
14th May, 2010

Paul Collier: saying 'nature has to be preserved' condemns the poor to poverty

Oxford Economics Professor and former head of Development Research at the World Bank, Paul Collier on reconciling romantic environmentalism and mainstream economics to help poor countries.

Issue date: 
30 April 2010

Poor want biomass, not biodiversity, finds study

Preserving biodiversity may be the goal of conservationists and environmental activists, but preserving biomass is a more important priority for the poor, says a literature review. The finding, which researchers said was unexpected, was the result of one of three reviews pre

Issue date: 
Saturday, 30 January 2010

Keeping more forest or biodiversity with many empty stomachs does not make any sense

Göttingeli Nepalese Society, popularly known as GöNeS, proudly started to introduce the well-known Nepalese academician in Germany who has already set a standard in their respective field.

Don't Demonize Deforestation - sovereignty matters as well!

October 2012, a note by the editor of ForestIndustries.EU: Although we wrote this article years ago, recent studies proof us to be right. The study "Forests or Agriculture: not necessarily an ‘all or nothing’ trade-off" came up with some interesting conclusions although the authors put higher emphasis on "emission reductions" than an "povertry reductions"...


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