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Deforestation causes being overlooked, report finds

A media analysis has revealed that the fundamental issue relating to the reasons behind deforestation is being overlooked while debates about REDD+ rage on.

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November 1st, 2013

Rhetoric or action in global efforts to protect forest communities?

JOHANNESBURG, 29 October 2013 (IRIN) - A UN mechanism that purports to involve forest-dependent communities in preventing forest loss to curtail greenhouse gas emissions is failing to do so, finds a new study.

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November 1st, 2013

Key supply and demand trends in China

Key major supply/demand trends from Chinese presentations at the 3rd China/Global Timber & Wood Products Conference in Guangzhou, China on 16 September 2013 organized by WOOD MARKETS in conjunction with the China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association include:

Issue date: 
November 1st, 2013

New wood campaign set up for the UK

A new campaign is aiming to encourage consumers to buy wood products – from furniture to fuel – that were grown and processed in the UK.

Issue date: 
9 October 2013

Woodland schemes cutting down corporate emissions

Since the launch of the Woodland Carbon Code in 2011, UK businesses have become more aware of the benefits of emissions sequestration through the investment of sustainably managed woodlands.

Issue date: 
October 17th, 2013

Biofuels and forests: Revisiting the debate

Much of the initial optimism about the contribution of biofuels to energy security, climate change mitigation and rural development has given way to skepticism about its economic viability and bad publicity about related land grabbing and environmental destruction.

Issue date: 
Oct 22, 2013

Protecting tropical rainforest: are parks or payments best?

Tropical forests are home to many species as well as a store for large amounts of carbon, but they’re under threat of destruction.

Issue date: 
October 10, 2013

Texas Forests provide $93 billion in environmental benefits each year

Issue date: 
Oct 10, 2013

New study forecasts over 25 percent depletion of world's forests

Forests worldwide will continue to slowly shrink before leveling out at a lower level, say researchers based at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in a new study.

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New EU group to promote sustainable tropical timber

An organisation aiming to ensure tropical timber is used sustainably across the European Union will be launched next month.


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