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Last weekend (4.2.2011/5.2.2011) we had been witnesses of some interesting information campaign in the UK:

Friday, Februray 4, 2011
U.K. Firms are Leading the Fight Against Deforestation
Saturday, Februray 5, 2011 Illegal timber sold by British businesses is putting world's forests at risk

In general nothing would be wrong with these two headlines because illegal logging is not directly related to deforestation. So UK companies could curb deforestation by buying illegally logged timber at the same time. Why? Because illegally logged timber is contributing to deforestation by less than 10% globally.

Both articles are well written with the exception of a big flaw in the Guardian teaser - "Reluctance by UK firms to check source of imported wood contributing to devastating deforestation around the world, finds WWF report".

As media coverage in terms of illegal logging and deforestation has substanially improved over time we are confident that The Guardian will do so as well...



Are UK companies keen on contributing to sustainable forestry?


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