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Bamboo methodology opens for public comments

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10th November, 2011
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Panda Standards
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According to Panda Standard V1.0, the new methodology ”Forestation of degraded land using species including bamboo” will open for 20 working days period from 10th November, 2011 to 7th December, 2011 to collect the advices from public. Please send your comments to the secretariat of Panda Standard before 7th December, 2011. The mailbox of secretariat is: secretariat@pandastandard.org


Secretariat of Panda Standard
10th November, 2011

The “New Challenges, New opportunities” thematic conference of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2011 and the 24th Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission Meeting have been ceremoniously held at National Conference Center from November 7th to 11th 2011 in Beijing.

Taking the advantages of this international event, the session of “Adopting Bamboo Forest in Addressing Climate Change” was opened in the morning of November 11th by CGCF, INBAR and Zhejiang University of Agriculture and Forestry (ZUAF).

The delegates enthusiastically engaged in the discussion of the “The Bamboo Carbon Sequestration Afforestation Methodology” draft that exposed to solicit comments and suggestions. They conclude that the study of bamboo carbon sequestration afforestation methodology has been an innovative move in demonstrating the multiple functions of the bamboo forest and in advancing the process of bamboo forest ecological service markatization as well as a thrust to the sustainability of forestry industry in that the bamboo forest plays a unique role in improving people’s living and environment protection. Meanwhile, the delegates provided their perspectives that the overarching considerations should be given to carbon stock of bamboo products which should be brought into the carbon sequestration accounting category as bamboo afforestation project differs from other tree species in growth and mature period and that of the product life span. By doing so, the contributions from the bamboo carbon sequestration afforestation project in addressing climate change will be objectively and scientifically reflected.

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