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Bolivian delegation in Doha: “this is a COP of climate change not a COP of carbon trade”

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December 6, 2012
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Bolivia Rising
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The day of the COP inauguration, a conference about CARBON TRADE took place facilitated by Nicholas Stern. The event had the presence of ministers and other authorities of different countries. Surprisingly the center of the discussion was how to allow developed countries that are not going to be part of the second commitment period of KP to have access to market mechanisms of the same KP that they deny to be applicable to them. Another central issue was how to solve the crisis of the carbon market.

Half of the 100 billion dollars to be provided for climate change by 2020 would come from carbon credits, commented Mr. Stern. The collapse of prices in carbon market is a menace to financial provision for climate change, expressed Stern.

A dynamic debate took place in the event in order to bring solutions to the carbon crisis. This debate is turning to dominate the agenda of discussion in COP18, pushed by developed countries. Are we going to allow this COP about climate change to become a COP of carbon trade? That was a question raised by Juan Carlos Alurralde the Vice Chancellor of Bolivia, who was present in the conference. When he took the floor he expressed the following words: “…

Carbon markets are not a solution to the climate change crisis… Instead of discussing one of the instruments for supporting mitigation actions, which is carbon markets.; I repeat: ONE of the instruments which effectiveness is still pending of analysis, but from our view is a complete mistake, instead of that, we should discuss the structural elements of a comprehensive response to Climate Change Crisis.

It seems that developed countries are more interested in the carbon markets business that in the ultimate goal of this conference which is the structural solutions for this planet and future generations.

Carbon markets are just business for some but a bad solution for Mother Earth, facilitating developed countries not to make real domestic reductions.

We have to say that at least four realistic predictable risks are linked to the application and generalization of carbon markets:

1. Double counting implying an additional 1,6 Gigatones (GT) to the atmosphere.

2. Non aditionalities with an increase of 0,4 GT Gigatones

3. The use of the carry over which implies 11 GT

4. The opening of opportunities for creating bilateral trading carbon agreements without accounting rules, monitoring and regulation.

We came from very far to try to find solutions and alternatives to bring the opportunity to future generations to live with dignity in this planet, and definitely the Carbon market mechanisms are not the solution…”

Doha, December 4th

Unidad Madre Tierra y Agua / Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia


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