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Worcester, MA -  Clark Labs is pleased to announce the creation of a blog devoted to utilizing its GIS technology for REDD applications. The development of REDD projects requires robust modeling tools to address the inherent complexities of such projects. REDD initiatives and pilot projects are currently underway by many organizations at various sites, and Clark Labs continues to play a key role in areas such as training, advising and software development.  

Clark Labs’ IDRISI Taiga software supplies a solution for the technical challenges inherent in addressing conservation strategies such as forest protection (e.g., protected areas and infrastructure management) or sustainable forest production (e.g., agroforestry projects). Tools such as Land Change Modeler and GEOMOD in IDRISI have been widely used to estimate deforestation baselines at the project, regional or national scale and predict the locations of deforestation. The technical issues of REDD--carbon accounting, additionality, baseline or "business as usual," leakage and permanence--can all be measured utilizing the tools within IDRISI. 

 This blog will discuss methodologies, the potential of currently available land change analysis and prediction software, and strategies currently employed at REDD pilot sites.  
Research Associate, Stefano Crema, is the primary author of this blog. Observations and comments are encouraged. Visit the blog at www.redd-modeling.org.
Clark Labs has also recently launched a new application area on its website devoted to REDD. Visit http://www.clarklabs.org/applications/REDD.cfm for more details. 

Clark Labs is dedicated to the research and development of geospatial technologies for effective and responsible decision making for environmental management, sustainable resource development and equitable resource allocation.


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